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2015-02-20. We are testing a new responsive interface with a faster lookup and (we hope) a better form. It's not quite finished, but we'd love some feedback, especially from mobile users and frequent submitters.

2011-08-13. Server was offline for two days because of a DOS attack. Quite why anyone would want to attack us is unclear; maybe they just wanted a fix of acronyms. Sorry for the disruption.

2010-12-31. Fixed a bug in the classification match which was preventing some older entries being displayed.

2010-12-31. Testing of the upload difficulties conducted with SandD. At least they now see the problem: call has been escalated.

2010-11-22. Data updates are being deleted by the hosting server's intrusive mаlwаre detector. A fault call has been logged with There may be occasions when acronyms fail to appear: this is being worked on.

Who we are and what we do

Yes, this is the Internet Acronym Server you know and love; we've just changed location and changed appearance.

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We've been collecting acronyms from all over the Internet for the best part of two decades, and we just reset the counter back to approximately the right number, taken from the logs to 2006 (so we're missing a few million hits but we don't know how many). If anyone has a screenshot or printout of a page up to 2008 or early 2009 with a more up-to-date value (it was well over 30M) please get in touch.